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Learning in Freedom

Welcome to Learning in Freedom, a blog all about the learning adventures (and mishaps) of the Allen family. My four children are unschooled, following their interests and passions every day and living the lives of their choosing. The purpose of this blog is to share our every day lives (and my not-so-humble opinons) with anyone interested in stopping by. We hope this will give a glimpse of how natural learning unfolds from day to day......

Monday, June 09, 2008

Discussion on labels

We've been having a very interesting discussion about labels and the benefits of avoiding them, even for children with some major differences, over at UnschoolingBasics. Kelly Lovejoy posted this video and wrote:

~~ There's a wonderful young man out there named Stephen Wiltshire. The
amazing thing about Stephen isn't his memory and drawing
ability---although they are remarkable beyond words!

It's his childhood. He obviously didn't fit the mold. All he wanted to
do was draw---that's where he found comfort and where he excelled. But
that's all fine and dandy--AFTER he's done his "normal" work. In order
to get his drawing notebook, he would have to jump through a bunch of
school hoops. THEN he was allowed to draw. His childhood was
horrendous---all those folks trying to make him fit in and be "normal."

I couldn't find the video/article I first saw about him. In it his
childhood is discussed. The newer ones gloss over his school years.

How I wish he was celebrated for Who He Was when he was a *child*.~~


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